Report Editor For Zeros To SQL Heroes

Holistics’ Report Editor lets anyone easily pivot data and build charts straight from your reporting database, by just pointing-and-clicking or writing your own custom SQL and joins! Now you have the power to work with the raw data in your database directly.

What Should You Use This For?

An advanced report editor anyone can use, from point-and-click to custom SQL queries. Anyone can easily explore raw database data to build the charts and reports they need, without having to know SQL. Or if you are a power SQL user, you can easily write joins, CTEs and more to extract the exact dataset you need from your connected database, no matter the SQL dialect!

Democratize data reporting access across your organization, so your whole team develops the data knowledge and skills they need to drive the business to new heights!

Report Editor Features List

Holistics’ Report Editor includes powerful features for easier report creation and editing.

Our powerful Holistics Report Editor gives you full flexibility.

Point-&-Click Editor: Just select charts, columns and conditions to easily build reports with a few clicks!

Version Control: Track changes to your report and revert to earlier versions, so you will never worry about losing your work!

SQL Query Editor: Where you can create SQL queries, for full reporting flexibility.

Database Schema Browser: Show all schemas and tables of the current report Data Source, for easier report creation.

Custom Filters and Query Templates: Holistics filters and query templates make your reports dynamic, enabling customized values according to different user selections, as well as reusable SQL snippets to reduce duplication of work when customizing reporting widgets.

Access Permission Controls: Our flexible and powerful Permissions System allows you to customize access for your user groups at the level of reports, data sources and even records.

More details can be found here on our reports documentation page.

How It Works

Analyze a table in your connected database: Select Analyze from the top bar in Holistics to bring up the Report Editor, and find the table you need. Click on the Analyze button next to the table, which will bring up your data. You can then point-and-click your way to build charts and pivot table visualizations in the Report Editor, using the columns from your table.

Select Analyze to pull up your data table.

Point-and-click to build your pivot tables and charts: Select visualization settings, or pull up the visualization type from the chart dropdown menu. Now select the columns and values you want using our intuitive data editor panel, and build the pivot tables and chart views that you want!

Select your chart visualization from the dropdown menu.

Under the Settings tab, you can choose the columns and formulas/aggregations you want to apply, to build your visualizations. More information on building charts with our Report Editor can be found here.

Select your chart visualization from the dropdown menu.

Unleash your inner SQL power user: Our Report Editor really starts to shine when you start to dive into SQL. Write a quick SQL query to easily pull up the datasets you need for your charts and reports! As long as the data is in your SQL database (which we can also help you move), you can use SQL to select, join and modify the data however you need, in Holistics!

Write your own SQL query for your custom reports and chart visualizations!

Easily build reports from your database with our versatile Report Editor now!

Sign up for a free trial to add point-and-click or custom SQL report and chart building data capabilities to your company now! Our versatile Report Editor feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes working with data easy for teams, for fast-growing tech-driven companies.