SQL Drag-and-Drop Report Editor

Holistics’ innovative hybrid SQL Drag-and-drop Editor allows you to abstract complex logic to SQL, and do simple operations using drag-and-drop. Now you don’t need to be a SQL-wizard to draw insights directly from your data.

  • An advanced report editor anyone can use, from point-and-click to custom SQL queries. Anyone can easily explore raw database data to build the charts and reports they need, without having to know SQL. Or if you are a power SQL user, you can easily write joins, CTEs and more to extract the exact dataset you need from your connected database, no matter the SQL dialect!

  • Democratize data reporting access across your organization, so your whole team develops the data knowledge and skills they need to drive the business to new heights!

Highlight functionalities

  • Point-&-Click Editor: Just select charts, columns and conditions to easily build reports with a few clicks!

  • Version Control: Track changes to your report and revert to earlier versions, so you will never worry about losing your work!

  • Custom Filters and Query Templates: Holistics filters and query templates make your reports dynamic, enabling customized values according to different user selections, as well as reusable SQL snippets to reduce duplication of work when customizing reporting widgets.

  • Access Permission Controls: Our flexible and powerful Permissions System allows you to customize access for your user groups at the level of reports, data sources and even records.

More details can be found here on our reports documentation page.

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