Instant Embedded Analytics For Your Own Applications (v2)

Add custom dashboards to your own app. Each Holistics dashboard provides a secured iframe that can be embedded on any webpage.

Embedded Business Intelligence Dashboard

Value of Holistics Embedded Solutions

Easy To Integrate

Compact iframes allow you to easily insert your embedded dashboard into your application, as a snippet of self-contained HTML code or any programming language of your choice.

Effortless User Management

You do not need to maintain a separate account for your embedded users in Holistics. Holistics queries your existing user-records store dynamically, so you don’t have to add or remove users manually.

Data Security

Access to Holistics embedded dashboards are secured with HMAC 256 hashing with JSON Web Tokens (JWT), ensuring your payloads are protected by your generated unique secret key.

How It Works

Embedding Holistics dashboards can be as simple as embedding a YouTube video. More detailed information on how our embedded analytics solution works can be found on our documentation page.

Add your customer IDs as a dropdown filter to your Holistics dashboard, for customer specific dashboard views.

Embedded Analytics Customer Filter

Generate your embed codes and expirable tokens, by creating a new embed link.

Embedded Analytics Embed Codes

Embed the dashboard iframe into your application. You now provide self-service analytics in your application!

Embedded Analytics Sandbox

Empower Your Customer Dashboards With Embedded Analytics Now!

Sign up for a free trial to test our embedded analytics solution on your own data now! Our embedded dashboards are another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes data delivery fast and simple for fast-growing technology companies.