Automatic Data Alerts For Your Team To Catch Sudden Changes

Our Data Alerts feature allows you to receive automatic Slack and email alerts when there are sudden changes, spikes, falls or other out of the ordinary behavior in your data. This lets you react to opportunities and changes in short time, and capture new developments the moment they arise!

What Should You Use This For?

Be automatically notified of data irregularities such as sudden increases in traffic, a surge in sales or a sharp fall in transactions, without having to constantly watch your data.

Keep your team up to date with the latest business changes as they happen, so that everyone is informed and they can quickly take action to respond.

Passively monitor your business to react to opportunities or threats with the help of this “digital partner” that never sleeps.

How It Works

Build a query that catches outliers: Build a Holistics report, such that your query only returns values when its conditions are met. In this example, only results that meet the filter criteria are retrieved.

Data alert filter

Activate data alerts: Setup a new email schedule with your required configurations, and select the Alert checkbox. WIth this, the scheduled email alert will only be sent out if there is data retrieved that fulfills the query and filter conditions set.

Data alert activation checkbox

Start receiving awesome data alerts: With your data alerts all setup, you can now rest easy knowing that you can catch changes on a minute by minute or hourly basis, as per your choosing.

Automated data alerts schedule

Automatically monitor changes in your business with data alerts!

Sign up for a free trial to add automated data reporting to your work capabilities now! Our Data Alerts feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform turns data into a dynamic asset for your business, for fast-growing tech-driven companies.