Holistics Data Reporting

Data analysts saves time from writing a SQL query once to define a Holistics report that can be shared with their team. Data consumers can filter and update the report data themselves directly from the database, saving them time waiting for their data team to update the data.

Share And Access Database Data Online Easily

  • Reports

    Access real-time data from your database online and filter the data you need to get insights and make decisions

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  • Charts

    Add a variety of charts, ranging from column, line, bar, scatter, funnel, retention reports, to visualize data from your reports

  • Dashboards

    Combine your reports and charts into a single page to get insights into your business performance

  • Drill-Downs

    Connect 2 related reports through drill-down links to explore your data more easily

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  • Schedule Email Reports

    Schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed to you regularly so you won’t lose sight of your business

  • Automated Alerts

    Define thresholds and conditions to trigger an alert for changes so you don’t have to eyeball your data to track trends and changes manually

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