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Holistics provides an agile and simple approach to help you automate your data pipeline process. Holistics help move multiple data sources into a single data-warehouse, and aggregate/transform them for analytics purposes.

Data Transport: Move Data Production DB To Reporting DB

Run a simple command to move data into your reporting database. Move only new data with incremental transport.

Map and filter your data when moving from source to destination using simple JSON configs instead of complex ETL scripts.

Automatically sync your production data into your reporting database, without writing custom scripts!

Data Transport

Data Import: Sync Google Sheets Data Into Your Database

Automatically sync data from your spreadsheets and CSV files into a database table on a regular schedule so that you can create reports combining data from both your application and user generated data.

Choose between full data sync, or incremental upserts/append inserts from your spreadsheets into your database.

With Holistics Data imports, you never need to take in spreadsheets from your business team and import them manually into your database again. You can even use spreadsheets as your personal data collection tool!

Data Import

Data Transform: Transform and Aggregate Data With SQL

Run SQL code to pre-aggregate, join or summarize your database tables to improve query performance and reduce complexity in your report SQL queries.

Run and schedule your transformations without maintaining any custom system scripts.

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