No response from sign in button


I am not able to sign in as there is no response from the sign in button. Attempting to save brings up a dialog stating that I must sign into google; but, there is no response when I click on the button within this dialog either.

Browser version: Firefox 60.2.2esr (32-bit)


Hi, could you try with incognito mode and use another google account


I am having the same problem. Chrome browser, joined with google account. Each time I try and save the sign in popup comes, i click it, a window flashes and thats all. No sign in occurred. Sign in is not working for me. I tried with incognito - same thing.

BTW using the test db i see the product is superb. Would like to be able to use it singed in! Hope you can help.

Found the issue: - Third Party cookies must be enabled in chrome.


Thanks for your feedback and troubleshooting cruzy, we’ll see how we can fix this to prevent others from facing the same problem.

Glad you like the tool!