Consolidating & Storing Analytics Data

    In this chapter, we talk about the basic building blocks of any analytical setup: data, and where it sits.

  • Consolidating data from sources systems

    If you have data from many source systems, it is important to consolidate them into a central place. In this section, we talk about the process and tooling around it.

  • Understanding the data warehouse

    Learn about data warehouse, the central place to store and process all your data. Understand why (and when) it's important to have a data warehouse, as well as how to choose a data warehouse.

  • ELT vs ETL: what's the big deal?

    Learn more about the common terms ETL (Extract Transform Load) and ELT (Extract Load Transform) in doing analytics. Learn why we're advocating for ELT over ETL in our book.

  • Transforming Data in the ELT paradigm

    Learn how to turn raw data into clean, reliable and reusable data components, but within the ELT paradigm