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Holistics April 2021 Product Updates 🎉

by Khai To

Holistics April 2021 Product Updates 🎉

How's everything going? We're always doing our best to improve your workflow and hopefully this month, with our updates, your productivity will be enhanced further.

Get Reporting Data via API

You can use our APIs to programmatically retrieve CSV, Excel data from any Holistics dashboard/chart. Useful if you need to pass live data to your other applications. Check out our complete API tutorial.

Move & copy a widget to another dashboard

Now you can freely copy or move a specific widget from one dashboard to another one without creating it again.

Quickly change the field labels in data model

You can now adjust the field's label quickly right in the model's structure without having to take any extra steps.


  • Data Alert: Notify you when your data matches certain conditions.
  • Period-over-Period Comparison: Easily compare metrics from two different periods. It will be beta in early June. Please reach out if you want to become a beta tester. Learn more about this in our Period-over-Period Comparison doc.
  • Configurable Timezone: Our new timezone settings will help you deal with timezone issues. Please visit our Timezone doc for more information on how it works.
  • Configurable Week Start Date: By default, Holistics considers 'Monday' as the first day of weeks. With this new feature, you can change your week definition to another day. Learn more about Week Start Date.
  • Analytics as code: Serialized your data system into code for better collaboration & version control. You can get more details via our public doc about AML.

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