About Holistics Software

Holistics is a cloud business intelligence (cloud BI) software. Our software is designed as an online management interface on top of your database to help speed up your business reporting and preparation needs.

Designed for SQL Analysts to create reports

If you know SQL, we make it extremely easy for you to write queries that extract data from your database, and Holistics helps you convert your SQL query results into online business reports, charts and dashboards.

Access real-time data for business insights and decision making.

You can share the reports you created with other people. Your non-technical business colleagues can access these reports online, filter, customize and drill-down the data sets they need to get business insights and make decisions.

Keep an eye on your data

You can schedule email reports to be sent to a group of recipients on a regular basis, or set-up alerts to notify you of any changes in your data automatically.

Adopting Holistics

It's easy to adopt Holistics. Most of our customers create their first report within 10 minutes of connecting their databases.

One of them, a team of 3 data analysts was able to create over 450 Holistics reports within the first 2 months without any implementation services from us. Our largest customer started with 100 users (non-technical users who consume reports), and has now scaled to over 500 users across the region. They now have over 5000 reports hosted with us, and our team is not involved in their report creation process.

How it works

Setting up Holistics is easy. This is how we work with your database.

  1. You set up a secure connection between your database and Holistics.
  2. You define a Holistics report by writing a SQL query, and sharing the report with your team.
  3. When someone access the report online, Holistics will send the query to your database for processing. Once your database completes processing your query, we take the query results and display it in your browser.